We Get Excited About Buttons

Week 12

This is my post for the very last week of class and I think this topic is a good one to end on. Recently I implemented a bootstrap theme to this blog which has some pretty fancy JavaScript in it. I don’t know exactly how it works but it does and it looks awesome. When I showed my boyfriend my website he was impressed but not overly enthusiastic like I was about the little scrolly lines that just appear out of thin air at the top of my website. After refreshing the page for him a couple times so he could truly see its calibur I explained to him that that’s some fancy stuff right there. He certainly appreciated it but I’m not sure if he truly valued it as much as me.

Today I spent most of the day working through figuring how to get the administrate and devise gems to play nice with each other. While I thought I had most of it down I was still stumped on how to actually create a logout link and style it in the same style as the buttons that already existed in administrate. All I could do was steal code from another button and try to insert my own into it. I couldn’t even access the CSS files to manipulate since Administrate hides them in some sort of vault on your computer when you download it. They’re like basically inaccessible…which is annoying…but I got it! I made that damn button look exactly like the other ones on the page and it logs you out and everything! BOOM!

Similarly this evening I peeked in on one of my classmates, who was toiling away at her code, to see what she was working on. While the code she was working on at the moment was broken, she was very excited to show me her working code, which consisted of 3 buttons on a page and clicking each one automatically loaded dynamic content all in the same view. She was super happy with it and just kept clicking each of the buttons back and forth because it took so long for her to figure out how to make it. And I knew exactly how she felt. And I fully appreciated those buttons for what they were… magic.