The Emporer's New Job

Week 11

This week we spent a good majority of time being taking through workings of rails, administrate, and devise. Rails is not all that different from Sinatra. You just have to remember where your routes go… those’ll getcha. We built a simple to-do-list application (very similar to the one we built in Sinatra in previous weeks). The point was not to have a finished product for our resume but to just get used to working with the Framework. Since I had already spent a fews days working in the back-end on the previous project it didn’t take too long for me to catch the hang of it.

On the job front however we are starting mock interviews this week. It’s awkward and weird and uncomfortable but I supposed that’s how interviews normally are. I can say that I am very impressed and ecstatic with Sumeet’s dedication to helping us find jobs. Obviously we’ll have to do the leg work but the last job placement program that I experienced was in college and it consisted of a newly graduated student proofreading your resume for typos…aaaaand that’s about it. The fact that Alex and Sumeet not only read our resumes and make suggestions/edits but have also compiled a list of resources for job searches, give numerous tips on how to hack the system, and are orchestrating an employer panel for next week is astounding to me.

And I think that is what is missing from a regular college experience (or at least mine), because that’s the point isn’t it? I’m trusting that what I’m being taught is going to get me a good paying job in that exact career field. And if I’m going to spend literally thousand of dollars on an education for that sole purpose why wouldn’t there be some accountability on the educator’s part to PROVE that it works on an individual basis? Right now I think it’s way too easy for a college or university to just have little to know interest wether or not their product actually works in the real world and I am SUPER grateful that Sumeet is not abandoning us.