Where Do I Sit, Where Do I Fall?

Week 10

This week is week 2 of working on the TAG project. On Monday and Tuesday I spent my time working on styling pages that I felt weren’t really a priority to the project but everything else was either done or being worked on. On Wednesday I got the flu and it took me out of school and the project for the rest of the week. On Saturday I started to feel a little better and begin working through the homework.

One of the assignments was to fill out a form to tell Sumeet which group you would like to be a part of for the next week of class. There was an advanced back-end group that allowed students to explore more on their own (but with goals still in place), a structured back-end group that made more use of Sumeet and Alex while cementing concepts with rails, administrate, and devise, and a front-end group. Sumeet had sent me a message that it seemed that I had really taken off with front-end development and though that might be a good fit for me. However, I felt that since I had spent the last week/week and half doing front-end I missed out on a lot of the lessons and frustrations of working with back-end and experiencing the new gems first hand. For that reason I chose the structured back-end group.