Guys! Look At Me Communicate!

Week 6

This week I felt more comfortable with the code and algorithms than I ever have. My struggles with coding and algorithms were a lot less trying. However, we had two new challenges to face. 1. Working on feature at a time until completion and 2. Coding with a partner, side by side, one at a time.

At first both were extremely challenging. I know that the way I’ve found easiest to build an app is to create the same working feature for all tables at the same time. I made the comparison that working on at a time was like working on your corner of a puzzle. And even if you find two pieces of the puzzle that fit together, unless they fit into your corner you can not piece them together. By the time we reached the last table to build our CRUD features for we did have to go back and rework some previous code to get it to run correctly.

The challenge that was slightly less easier to overcome was coding side by side with a partner one at a time. I thought of myself as being overbearing most of the time though I really tried not to be. I found that wording my questions appropriately was imperative to good communications about the code. I.e. “What are you trying to accomplish with this code?”, “Is this feature you’re working on a priority?”, “How do you see this feature being useful to the users?”. In the middle of battling with a broken algorithm that kind of communication can be difficult and it was a lesson in patience to allow my partner to code in them rather than taking over and solving all of the problems on my own. But, by the end of the week we had built a wonderful app together and I was extremely proud of its working functionality.