Training Wheels Off!

Week 5

This week was not nearly as stressful as last week. I feel like I struggled for so long last week that the things I learned will be engraved into my brain for the rest of my life. This week we only built on those concepts rather than introducing new ones so, aside from a few syntax errors in my code, the struggle has not been nearly as real.

I’ve found that drawing out references for myself really helps me keep track of where I am in a concept. I usually draw out what I’m trying to say. Make sure it makes sense then insert code where I can without a lot of self-doubt. The rest is all of process of elimination. Doing that let’s me advance further and faster than I previously had been without stopping. I’ve also been making myself stop to eat lunch on a daily basis. I’m finding I run into less roadblocks in the afternoons now that I’ve implemented that strategy.

This week I totally crushed a whole day’s worth of assignments (with my personal best timing) got a message from my teacher that I kicked butt, and moved on to adding a class method (which hasn’t been formally introduced to the class yet) to my code, and made it work.

I rock!